Proven leadership skills in organisational development and project management

The reputed Sri Vedatraye owes its existence to Mr. Vasu Raju Mudundi – visionary Founder and Managing Director of the company. A real estate professional who values excellence, innovation, and strategic planning, he solves the challenges that are a natural part of projects through his proven entrepreneurial skills in organizational development and project management.

Always leading from the front and highlighting the importance of strong leadership, Mr.Vasu harnesses the power of the company’s talented team and motivates them to stimulate business growth and customer satisfaction. Global in every sense of the word, he is always instrumental in including an international perspective in every project while retaining the essence of the locale.

An avid cricket enthusiast who’s equally passionate about music, he harmonizes the operations and handles the day-to-day management of the company through his master-strokes and synchronized approach. By continually responding to investors’ and home seekers’ needs, he has diligently adapted to fill gaps in the real estate market and changed it for the better.

By striving for his personal best, he and his loyal workforce, are creating futuristic change one successful project at a time.

Mr. Vasu Raju Mudundi
Founder and Managing Director